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Diversity and Community at Chaminade


"I'm local, so what's new?"
Diversity is simply a fact of life if you grew up here. What’s new is that Chaminade provides great opportunities for local students to get out and experience the world, but stay enrolled at Chaminade as a home base. One of the best opportunities is the SR-EIP summer research internship program, which allows qualifying students to get paid (travel included) summer research internships at top-tier institutions such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and Cornell. Spend summers in 4 different places, if you like. Also, our sister Marianist institutions, both great universities, participate with us in the Marianist Student Exchange Program. You can spend a semester at University of Dayton in Ohio, or, St Mary’s University in San Antonio Texas. Many students actively participate in the Study Abroad Program, and we have several more exchange opportunities coming on board this next year.

Diversity 101

Chaminade is a meeting place, a gathering together of many cultural traditions under one academic roof. Chaminade University is one of the most diverse colleges in the U.S., and provides a model of multi-cultural interaction and understanding. The greater community of Honolulu in which we are located provides another dimension of cultural awareness, as so many cultures co-exist and mutually benefit from one another in this cosmopolitan city.

President Barack Obama grew up in Hawai’i. Those of us who have lived here for any length of time, or a lifetime, know that this area should be a hot spot for generating a new kind of leadership that bridges cultures and races.

Students from the mainland US can experience a sense that they are “somewhere else,” and yet they are still going to school in one of the 50 states. Our international students will find a welcome here in Honolulu, Hawai'i, a truly international city with a gracious host culture and immigrants from many areas of the globe. Local students can participate in a wealth of opportunities to discover the world beyond Hawai'i, through Chaminade's network with other institutions of higher learning (see sidebar at right.)

A Degree in Diversity

We now offer a Cultural Diversity track within our Behavioral Sciences (B.A.) Degree program.