Undergraduate Majors and Degree Programs

The 4-year degree programs offered in the list below are for full-time students on our Honolulu campus.

Pre-Law interest 

Major in Criminology and Criminal Justice, or Historical and Political Studies, or consult with an advisor


Pre-Med interest, Pre-Health interest 

Major in Biology (either track), Biochemistry, Forensic Sciences, or consult with advisor.

Certificate Programs


Please consult your advisor for details

Program Catalog
Environmental Studies Catalog
Hogan Entrepreneurial Program Catalog

2-Year Associate Degree Programs

Program Catalog
Business Administration 2 year plan
Criminology and Criminal Justice Please consult your advisor
Environmental and Interior Design 2 year plan
Liberal Arts Please consult your advisor
Notes: The sample Four-Year plans available here are based on the student status of being an incoming freshman. If you have a different status or start term, please check with your academic advisor as a different plan may apply to you.

Some degrees are highly structured such as Forensic Sciences or Accounting. While there may be some slight deviations from the plan based on your situation, for such programs we strongly advise that you adhere as closely as possible to the plan in order to finish your degree in a timely manner. Other degrees such as Historical and Political Studies are more flexible, and many of your requirements can be fulfilled in almost any order you wish. For any major, you should consult academic advising or your faculty advisor every semester for up-to-date information on completing your degree.