ACSAP : Program Requirements

Program Requirements

  1. Candidates who are rated satisfactory on Chaminade University assessments (course and mentor assessments) and the DOE school administrator performance evaluation during the residency period shall be eligible for a provisional initial school administrator certificate for the duration of the probationary period upon being appointed to a vice-principal position.

  2. Candidates are required to earn a grade of “B” or better in all seven of the required core courses during the period of time described in the “Coursework” page of this website. This requirement is specific to the Alternative Certification for School Administrator Program.

  3. Candidates shall participate in the DOE’s leadership training workshops and seminars during residency and the first year of probation as a vice-principal.

  4. Candidates will commit to serve in the DOE public schools for a period of three years upon earning the Initial School Administrator Certificate – Provisional (ISAC-P) after successful completion of their residency. A candidate who does not serve the three years will reimburse the DOE for the cost of the alternative certification program.

  5. A mentor will be assigned to each candidate for one year and a mentor supervisor will supervise the mentors.