Pay Invoice Online

Online Payment

You can pay your Chaminade invoice online in a secure transaction using a debit or credit card.

1. Log into the web portal using your user name and password. Unless you have made a change, you will use your CUH ID number for your user name (if you need a reminder, ask Admissions) and the last four digits of your social security number for the password.

» to Web Portal

2. Look for the webadvisor tab in the lower right. You may have to stretch the browser window to access this. Under the webadvisor tab find the financial information link and click on that.

Web Advisor graphic

3. Click on "Make a Payment." Then click on "Pay on My Account." If there is no balance indicated, you can still make a payment by entering the specific amount you would like to pay and the term you are paying for.


Please note, we cannot accept international credit cards at this time.