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The Appendices of Chaminade University of Honolulu’s WASC Capacity and Preparatory Review Report contain all of the documents mentioned in the report.

In most cases, the complete documents are included.  In other cases, we have presented only the relevant section of the report.  In still others, when we have made general reference to documents—the various University Policy Manuals or the Strategic Plan—we have included in the Appendices only the table of contents of these documents.   These complete versions are posted on the University’s WASC website.  To access them, please go to the desired appendix and click on the link there.  It will take you to the posted document.

Complete hard copies of all documents will be available in the team room during the visit.

APPENDIX I.1 Index to Chaminade University WASC Website
APPENDIX I.2 Letter from WASC re-affirming accreditation
APPENDIX I.3 “Institutional Proposal”
APPENDIX I.4 Focus Areas
APPENDIX I.5 “Live Fully Our Transformation:  A Strategic Plan for Chaminade University”
APPENDIX I.6 “Chaminade University Planning Guidelines for 2008-2009”
APPENDIX 1.1 “The Characteristics of Marianist Universities”
APPENDIX 1.2 “Core Academic Beliefs”
APPENDIX 1.3 “Chaminade University Graduate General and Program Catalogs”
APPENDIX 1.4 “Chaminade University Undergraduate Catalog”
APPENDIX 1.5 “Chaminade University Student Handbook”
APPENDIX 1.6 “Live Fully our Transformation:  Part III (Goals), Section B (Be a Valued Partner) pp. 79-85
APPENDIX 1.7 “Chaminade University of Honolulu, Division of Behavioral Sciences, Criminology and Criminal Justice”  Sample of Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes—the Undergraduate Catalog contains all Student Learning Outcomes.
APPENDIX 1.8 “Master of Pastoral Theology”  Sample of  Graduate Student Learning Outcomes—the individual Graduate Catalogs contain all Student Learning Outcomes.
APPENDIX 1.9 “Program Learning Outcomes—English”  Sample of the English  Programs Student Learning Outcomes—the WASC website contains all Student Learning Outcomes.
APPENDIX 1.10 “Assessment Report—EA Dual Certification B.S. in Elementary and Special Education” Sample of Assessment Report—All reports may be found at the WASC website.
APPENDIX 1.11 “Chaminade University of Honolulu—Organizational Chart”
APPENDIX 1.12 Chaminade University Policy Manual
“Vol. I—Governance and Administration”
“Vol. II—Campus Community Policies”
“Vol. III—University-Wide Employment Policies”
“Vol. IV—Faculty Personnel Policies”
“Vol. V—Personell Policies for Administrators and Staff (Staff Handbook)”
APPENDIX 1.13 “Chaminade Graduate Catalog—Sample of Student Policies”
APPENDIX 1.14 “Chaminade Undergraduate Catalog—Institutional and Academic Policies”
APPENDIX 1.15 “Chaminade University Student Handbook”—Sample Pages
APPENDIX 1.16 “Chaminade University:  Accreditation History”
APPENDIX 1.17 “Focus Activity 2b Report”
APPENDIX 1.18 “Attendance Sheets—Mainland & Summer Minority Programs—2004-2008”
APPENDIX 2.1 “Nursing at Chaminade”
APPENDIX 2.2 “Overview of Program Assessment Status”
APPENDIX 2.3 “Marianist Universities NSSE”
APPENDIX 2.4 “Catholic College Consortium”
APPENDIX 2.5 “Graduate Enrollments”
APPENDIX 2.6 “Early Student Engagement and Retention Planning”
APPENDIX 2.7 “Strategic Plan, IIIA—Goals:  Foster Student Access and Success” pg. 59-78

"Raising the Graduation Rates of Low Income College Students"
"Raising the Graduation Rates of Low Income Students"

APPENDIX 2.9 “Best Practices—ACT”
APPENDIX 2.10 “Description of Summer Bridge Program”
APPENDIX 2.11 “Fourth Week Survey Results”
APPENDIX 2.12 “National Survey of Student Engagement:  Survey Results”
APPENDIX 2.13 “Chaminade Service Learning Report”
APPENDIX 3.1 Survey Of Graduating Seniors, Fall 2007, Spring 2007”
APPENDIX 3.2 “Study of Faculty Salaries with Benchmarked Universities
APPENDIX 3.3 “Faculty Handbook—4.7.4”
APPENDIX 3.4 “Organizational Charts”
APPENDIX 3.5 “Minutes:  President’s Leadership Council, University Planning, Priorities, and Assessment Advisory Council, and Academic Council”
APPENDIX 3.6 “Faculty Senate Standing Committees”
APPENDIX 3.7 “Build our Institutional Advancement Capacities and Culture of Philanthropy”
APPENDIX 4.1 “WASC Academic Program Assessment”
APPENDIX 4.2 “2008 Faculty Retreat Survey”
APPENDIX 4.3 “Mandate and Composition of Academic Council and Provost’s Cabinet”
APPENDIX 4.4 “Advisory Boards to the Academic Programs”