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The Appendices of Chaminade University of Honolulu’s WASC Capacity and Preparatory Review Report contain all of the documents mentioned in the report.

In most cases, the complete documents are included.  In other cases, we have presented only the relevant section of the report.  In still others, when we have made general reference to documents—the various University Policy Manuals or the Strategic Plan—we have included in the Appendices only the table of contents of these documents.  These complete versions are posted on the University’s WASC website.  To access them, please go to the desired appendix and click on the link there.  It will take you to the posted document.

Complete hard copies of all documents will be available in the team room during the visit.


Appendix I.1 Capacity and Preparatory Review Team Report
Appendix I.2 Organizational Chart 2010
Appendix I.3 Mission and Vision Statement
Appendix I.4 UPAC Description and Membership 2009/10
Appendix I.5 Characteristics of Marianist Universities

Standard II

Appendix 2.1 PSY 490 Comprehensive Exam Data Report, 2007-2009
Appendix 2.2 English Discipline Interrater Reliability Study Fall 2009
Appendix 2.3 NSM Program Assessment Summary Report and Reflection, Spring 2009
Appendix 2.4 General Education Core Assessment Data Summary
Appendix 2.5 Religious Studies NCEA ACRE Summary Final Report July 2009
Appendix 2.6 Growth and Development Plan Revised Implementation Fall 2009
Appendix 2.7 CUH Core Academic Beliefs
Appendix 2.8 CUH Catalog 2009-10
Appendix 2.9 Writing Program Annual Report

Standard IV

Appendix 4.1 Planning Guidelines 2009-10
Appendix 4.2 Planning Concern Summaries by Division and Program 2009-10
Appendix 4.3 Distance Learning at Chaminade
Appendix 4.4 University Standards for Online Courses
Appendix 4.5 Peer Guidelines
Appendix 4.6 Mentoring New Online Teachers at Chaminade