Criminology and Criminal Justice

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A Commanding Presence - This well-respected program is the largest and most established criminal justice program in Hawai`i. The program is designed to prepare the undergraduate student for entry into a number of career positions in administration, criminal justice, criminology, law enforcement, and public safety, including positions at the federal, state and local level.

Be a Leader - Having the largest and oldest criminal justice program in Hawai`i has helped to establish Chaminade University of Honolulu as a well-respected and trusted source for an education in criminal justice.

Academics and Internships - Our undergraduate curriculum is based on direct correspondence with the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Course offerings include interactive crime scene investigation and comprehensive law courses. Internships through various agencies allow students to gain firsthand knowledge in the criminal justice area.

Immersion Learning Experiences - The Criminal Justice Program at Chaminade encourages hands-on experiences. In our crime scene reenactments, students learn by immersing themselves in various situations which they will encounter in their careers, such as: securing the crime scene, interviewing witnesses, and properly collecting evidence.

Hawai`i weather is ideal for outdoor fieldwork, which includes an opportunity to be involved in an underwater evidence recovery elective.

Throughout many of our elective, undergraduate courses, students may be joined by active police officers, members of the armed forces, and government agents learning new skills.

As all of these careers depend upon good writing skills to successfully communicate and document cases, there is also an emphasis on writing.






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