Behavioral Sciences | Cultural Diversity Degree Program

Cultural Diversity Degree Program

student of native Hawaiian ancestry

Study diversity in one of the nation's most diverse campus communities

The world is increasingly multicultural. In order to get along and make progress, the people of the world need to understand each other and to find common ground, whether in the global marketplace, in the workforce, in politics and government, or in communities.

Diversity at Chaminade: Chaminade university is one of the most diverse in the U.S., and provides a model of multi-cultural interaction and understanding. The greater community of Honolulu provides another dimension of resources for cultural study and awareness.

Careers: This degree program provides a background for those who would pursue specialized careers in human services, health services, planning, international relations, and education, that require a knowlege of cultural diversity. This program is especially applicable to careers in the Pacific-Asia region. It is excellent preparation for graduate studies.

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Hawaiian studies option

Hawaiian Studies Specialization: This track is for students who are seeking specialized study in the unique culture of Hawaiians and Hawai'i. Native Hawaiian language and religion are studied as well as the history of Hawai'i , modern peoples and landscapes.