The Control Over Epilepsy Scales (COE Scales) (Trevorrow, Im, & Stein, 2011) A survey is being done to better understand how adults with epilepsy experience seizures. Patients who take this survey must be 18 years or older and have a diagnosis of epilepsy given by a doctor for at least one year. This survey asks questions of interest to the patient and the medical community, such as what kinds of seizures patients’ have, the ways in which they manage their epilepsy, and how much control they have over their seizures. It is hoped that this survey will lead to a better understanding of patient’s experience with epilepsy and also contribute to better care for patients with seizure disorder. The survey is anonymous. Patients are not asked to enter their name. Patients can decide not to complete the survey and there will not be any change in their care or their relationship with the hospital or clinic in which the survey is taken. A patient’s completed survey will not be made available to their physician and it will not become part of their medical record. If you have any questions about this survey please contact Dr. Tracy Trevorrow, Principal Investigator at (808) 739-4685 or email at To take the survey click on the following link:

The Epilepsy Self-Management Scale (DiIorio, 2011) The Epilepsy Self-Management Scale (ESMS) is a 38 item scale that assesses frequency of use of epilepsy self-management practices. Each item is rated on a 5-point scale ranging from 1, “never,” to 5, “always.” Items for the scale were developed from the review of the literature on epilepsy self-management and discussions with people with epilepsy. Individuals with epilepsy, who are participating in a study directed by Dr. Trevorrow and his colleagues, may take the ESMS as directed. For those individuals click on the following link: