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What makes us individuals? How do others see us? How do we learn? How do we act in a group? How do we relate to others effectively and sensitively?
These are some of the hard-hitting questions that students in our psychology program delve into. Through the scientific study of the mind, and our relationship to others and our environment, Chaminade's program prepares you for the world of psychology.

The Chaminade psychology program recognizes that many students in this program have the end goal of helping others lead happier, more fulfilling lives. To provide the necessary perspective and maturity, the Chaminade program emphasizes the development of the whole person: mental, behavioral, emotional, and spiritual. Special characteristics of the Chaminade program are:
  • A nurturing, compassionate, accessible faculty.
  • Broadening of perspective and life experience with our truly diverse multicultural campus environment
  • An emphasis on Asian thought
  • Service-learning opportunities that encourage the development of practical people skills as well as a chance to exercise compassion
Undergraduates may also participate in the activities of Psi Chi, a national honorary psychology association. Numerous careers are available in counseling/social services, as well as business, medicine, education, government, and law. Many more career options and advancement are possible with graduate study, and all of our students are encouraged to prepare for graduate work. Chaminade also offers a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology.




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