Behavioral Sciences | Faculty Scholarship Highlights

Faculty Highlights


Dr. Tracy Trevorrow, Psychology recently won the Significant Professional Contribution Award from the Hawai'i Psychological Association. In 2007 Dr. Trevorrow will oversee a $98,000 grant from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, for the identification and treatment of ADHD in Native Hawaiian children.

Dr. Dale Fryxell, Psychology, has been awarded significant grant funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for the Malama Pono Mentoring Children of Prisoners Project,a $300,000 grant for a 3-year period. Dr. Fryxell recently published an article, "Three Models for Providing Mental Health Services to Students and Their Families" in the Proceedings of the 2003 Oxford Symposium in School-Based Family Counseling.

Dr. Robert Santee, Dean, (Psychology, Philosophy) recently published the book "An Integrative Approach to Counseling: Bridging Chinese Thought, Evolutionary Theory, and Stress Management" illuminating potential approaches to counseling and psychotherapy guided by insightful interpretations and comparisons of Eastern and Western models of stress and stress response. Dr. Santee has also published an article on the 100 character Tablet of Lu Dongbin in Empty Vessel: A Journal of Contemporary Taoism.

Ronald Becker, J. D., Criminal Justice and Criminology has completed work on the 3rd Edition of his book, Criminal Investigation.

Associate Professors Dr. Janet Davidson and Dr. Joe Allen, Criminal Justice and Criminology have recently completed their doctoral dissertations.

Dr. Gail Grabowsky, Environmental Studies, continues to inspire us all to take action to help the environment. On Earth Day April 2007 her book "50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save Hawai'i" was published and released. Always active, Professor Gail has been busy as the Principle Investigator for the State of Hawai'i's Environmental Justice Initiative and past president of the Chaminade Faculty Senate.

Dr. Richard Bordner, Behavioral Sciences, has recently become involved as a partner in the Shaanxi Provincial Historic Preservation GIS Development Project in Shaanxi, China. This group will develop a GIS system and database for historical and archaeological resources. There is a tremendous wealth of archaeological sites in this province, the center of the Chinese state for over 1000 years.