International Trade

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The International Studies degree program is a contemporary, interdisciplinary program, offering students flexibility in coursework with several options for specialized and in-depth study.

The program has recently been updated to offer students a streamlined, focused program that centers on the present-day global political economy, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. International Studies students develop a contemporary global awareness through studies targeting key topics in political economy, globalization, economic systems, and the environment.

Two areas of concentration are offered:

  • International Relations, primarily a Political Science focus
  • International Tradeprimarily a Business focus
  • For an overview of coursework in these areas, see the International Studies curriculum graphic below.

Both specializations benefit from Hawaii's unique Pacific location, emphasizing Asian-Pacific interests.


International Trade Concentration

This concentration boasts a holistic focus on global commerce, examining principles in business and economics as well as history and political science. Studying international trade at Chaminade University offers a distinct advantage whereas our encompassing economy is influenced not only by the economic climate of the U.S. but also by the giants of Asia: Japan, China and Korea. Surrounding businesses must make strategic decisions with knowledge of international commerce and tourism.

Chaminade's International Studies - International Trade concentration offers a multi-disciplinary approach that teaches students the essential principles and awareness to effectively understand and engage in the world of international business. This interdisciplinary program is jointly offered through the School of Business and Communication and the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts.

Students in this concentration may further enhance their education through additional learning experiences including:

  • The Hogan Entrepreneurs Program - a unique certificate program at Chaminade University which provides instruction and guidance from successful business leaders and entrepreneurial mentors
  • Study Abroad Program - which provides access to a plethora of countries, enabling you to expand upon your understanding of the international market place first hand

Students at Chaminade enjoy a diverse student body with classmates from a multitude of localities around the globe. In addition, class sizes are designed to be proportionately ideal in order to maximize the interactions between faculty and fellow students, contributing to an engaging learning environment.



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