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The Chaminade Career Services Offices uses Symplicity Career Services Manager to coordinate job and internship postings, career events and resume books. Use of the system indicates consent to the Equal Employment Opportunity and Fair Standard Labor Acts.

Off Campus Employment

Career Services also provides opportunities for external recruiters to seek potential candidates for employment, and for qualified students and alumni to find jobs. Off campus jobs must meet the following criteria:

  • The employer and organization must comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act.
  • The organization must offer a consistent wage or salary.
  • The job should not be contingent upon the employee paying to join and/or remain in the organization.
  • The job must not require the employee to pay for materials in order to join and/or remain in the organization.
  • The employee may not conduct 100% of their job away from a fixed office, institution or retail location, unless the employee is insured and/or bonded by the employer organization.

Approved employers may use the Symplicity database to post jobs, search resumes, and register for career events. To post a position to Chaminade students and alumni, please visit Symplicity to login or create an account and select "Post to this school only."

A step-by-step guide to posting a position in Symplicity can be obtained here.

Looking for a student to help with a "one time" job?

Since the Chaminade Career Services office does not post one-time or cash jobs that are home-based, we have partnered with college student Zak Fick of Help University to refer these students to you. Please create an account with HelpU at and post your odd jobs, from babysitting to yard work. More information is available here.

If you have any questions, please email or call (808) 735-4787.

On Campus Employment

Student employment on-campus is facilitated through a partnership with designated supervisors and the Chaminade Personnel and Business Offices. Every semester, a few on-campus positions become available, and students may be hired based upon:

  • Department, program or unit funding
  • Studentsí schedules and availability
  • Whether or not a previously working student is returning to the position
  • Whether or not the applicant meets specific criteria essential to the position

Hiring a student not only offers the opportunity to have much needed assistance on campus, but also provides students a chance to experience working in a professional setting.

Faculty and staff that wish to post an on-campus position, please visit Symplicity to login or create an account and select "Post a Local Job." Positions that take place off campus, through the sponsorship of an on-campus office, should be designated as on-campus employment.

If you have any questions, please email or call (808) 739-4654.

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Returning Symplicity users can login to their account below with their username (e-mail address) and password.

For more information about Symplicity, please see the link in the right menu.


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