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Are you graduating this semester? You will receive an e-mail in April to participate in The Outcomes Survey. Complete the survey and enter to win prizes!

The Outcomes Survey will help us better understand the career progress of our alumni and tailor our career services and degree programs. You will receive an initial e-mail and then be asked to confirm or change your information at 3 months, 6 months, and one year after Commencement.

Didn’t receive the email? Click The Outcomes Survey button in the right hand menu or click here to request a survey link.

Data from a previous version of the Graduate Survey are reported below for the Fall and Spring graduates of:

  • Day Undergraduates Programs (DUG)
  • PACE Undergraduate Adult Evening and Online Programs (AUP/AEOP)
  • Graduate Student Programs (GR/GRAD)

What Kinds of Questions are Asked on the Survey?

The survey asks about your program of study, as well as your future career or academic plans. Graduating students will never be required to submit personal information. The survey does ask for some demographic information in order for us to be able to learn how we are serving specific groups. This information is also helpful to assess and build our programs.

In the survey, you will also have an opportunity to provide an update to Chaminade University’s Alumni Relations office.

Recent Graduate Survey Reports

The most recent graduate survey reports are listed below. Requests for information from previous years can be made to Angela Coloretti, Career Services Director at (808)735-4787.

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For inquiries please contact:

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