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The Federal Work Study (FWS) Program provides part-time job opportunities on and off campus for Chaminade Universityís undergraduate students demonstrating financial need . The Program encourages practical work experience, community service and jobs related to the studentís course of study. General information about Federal Work Study can be found on the Chaminade Financial Aid Officeís website.

In compliance with Federal Student Aid in fulfilling community service activities, a number of on- and off-campus positions are designated as FWS only.

Hiring FWS Student Applicants

Career Services implemented a new procedure to ensure positions are made available for FWS student applicants. This took effect in April 2011.

Supervisors are encouraged to hire FWS students who are qualified to fill open positions, prior to hiring non-work study students. This practice continues into the first two weeks of the semester, or until the job has been posted for two weeks on Symplicity, whichever is later.

Supervisors are asked to identify applicants who were not hired along with the justification for not hiring any FWS student applicant. The information provided by the supervisors will allow Career Services to identify areas for student development, including job search and employment skills, as well as to provide a system to assess on-campus hiring of students.

An exception to this rule is for international students, who are not eligible for Federal Work Study. If an international student meets student employment eligibility, the student would be eligible to be hired within the first two weeks of the job posting.

During the summer, Federal Work Study funds are not typically available and any Chaminade student may be hired.

Employment Paperwork

Once hired, the student must complete and submit all employment paperwork to Career Services on or before the studentís first day of employment. The supervisor must also ensure that all required employment paperwork is submitted to Career Services prior to allowing a student to work.

To post a job opening, please use Symplicity to login or create an account and select "Post a Local Job." For assistance, please contact the Career Services staff.

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