Behavioral Sciences | Criminal Justice and Criminology

Learning from Experience

Underwater scene

Experienced Faculty

Chaminade tries to prepare students with as much knowledge and perspective as possible to deal with situations they will face on the job. As much as possible, our professors try to bring life experiences into the classroom. All of our adjunct professors are currently working in the field. These professionals are not academics who only teach, but are judges, prosecutors, retired military intelligence officers, counter-terrorism experts and others with many years of real-world experiences to share with students.

Learn By Doing

Our program encourages hands-on experiences. In our crime scene re-enactments, students learn by doing: securing the crime scene, interviewing witnesses, and properly collecting the evidence.

Hawaii weather is a bonus for outdoor fieldwork, and our popular underwater evidence recovery elective (photo above.)

In this well-respected program, in many elective courses undergraduates may be joined by active police officers, members of the armed forces, and government agents learning new skills.

As all of these careers depend upon good writing skills to successfully communicate and document cases, there is also an emphasis on writing skills.


Our interns are in demand, and we place capable interns with numerous federal, state, and municipal agencies including Customs, DEA, FBI and the Honolulu Police Department. Students participate first-hand in the activities and functions of these agencies, and gain valuable work experience.

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