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Criminal Justice and Criminology

Video: Introduction to the Undergraduate Criminal Justice and Criminology Program

Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Be A Leader :
This well-respected program is the largest and oldest Criminal Justice program in Hawaii.

The program is designed to prepare the undergraduate student academically for entry into a number of career positions in administration, criminal justice, criminology, law enforcement, and public safety, including positions at the federal, state and local level.

The Advantages of a Criminal Justice Degree from Chaminade

Federal Careers: Many students desire a career at the federal level. Several federal agencies, such as the FBI and Secret Service, are tasked with solving white collar crime and computer fraud.  We offer a special undergraduate track with a minor for federal employment, which includes courses in business, accounting, and computer science.

Law Enforcement Administration Careers: Although a college degree is not required for most entry-level positions in law enforcement, candidates interested in furthering their career will need the advantage of a university education. 80% of the officers in the Honolulu Police Department with a rank of lieutenant or higher have a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

Pre-Law Track: Our Pre-Law track provides students with coursework to prepare for entry into law school.

Graduate Studies: Chaminade has a reputation for training leaders. Four out of the last six Honolulu police chiefs have been graduates of Chaminade's Masters in Criminal Justice Administration degree program, as well as the current Security Chief of the Honolulu airport.

Academics & Internships

Our undergraduate curriculum is based on recommendations from the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Course offerings include crime scene investigation and intensive law courses. Internships at various agencies allow students to get first-hand, working knowledge in the criminal justice area.

FBI Award: J. Edgar Hoover Memorial Scholarship
The Criminal Justice and Criminology Department at Chaminade was the 2005 recipient of the J. Edgar Hoover Memorial Award of Recognition from the Former Agents of the FBI Foundation. The award included a $2500 grant.

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