Frequently Asked Questions

Apply online at

Admission Requirements

  • Online Application
  • $25 non-refundable application fee
  • 2 Recommendation Letters (submitted on the Education department Recommendation Form)
  • Official Transcripts from previously attended accredited universities
  • 2.75 minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA

When can I apply?
We accept applications all year. New applicants are required to have all paperwork completed and sent to the PACE Graduate Program office 30 days prior to the start of new term. Please see the Graduate Academic Calendar for term dates and application deadlines.

How long will it take to complete my program?
Generally, it takes about approximately 2 years if attending full time (two courses per term).

How do I log in to eCollege?
Go to

Tuition Cost
As of Summer Term 2013, $655/credit (graduate tuition).

We offer 4 terms per year. Each term is 10 weeks long. Full-time is two courses - a total of six credits.

Students are required to maintain a program GPA of at least 3.0. A course may only be repeated once. In the event insufficent grade(s) have been received after retaking the course, the student must speak to the Dean and receive approval to retake a course(s) and remain in the program.

Student Contact Information
Make sure your contact information is always current with the Education office. Most importantly, make sure that your advisor has your correct email address, and you check email regularly. Even though you officially can change it with the Records department, it is always necessary to inform the Education office of these changes.

Switching Programs (e.g., from Secondary to Non-SATEP)
First, consult your advisor on the consequences of switching programs. Please provide a written request and be specific. Include: current program, new progra to switch to, and your current mailing address, phone number, and email. If the advisor approves your request, you will then receive a new acceptance letter and a new advising sheet. The advising sheet will give you the appropriate advisor contact information.