Na Mea Hawaiian - Things Hawaiian


The Hawaiian Seminar Series at Chaminade University of Honolulu (CUH) is a collection of workshops designed specifically for CUH faculty and staff. During each session, kumu enlighten kama'aima with tales of Hawaiian mythology, reflections on genealogy, and the importance of 'aumakua and Akua.

The goal is to call upon collective knowledge gained from the seminar series to identify specific implications for the instructional strategies for Chaminade University faculty members.

Kumu share their experience and knowledge of:

  • Introduction to Core Values
  • Principles of Ahupua‘a Behavior and Land Management
  • ‘Olelo Hawa‘i – Historical Background of the Language and Importance of Teaching it in Hawaiian
  • Vales of Principles of “Chiefly Leadership”
  • “Hawaiian” Values – Conceptions and Misconceptions
  • Cultural Framework and Thinking as it Applies to Ho‘oponopono
  • Cultural Framework and Thinking as it Applies to “Warriorship” Embraced in the Concepts of Lua
  • Teaching From the Ground-Up – Using the ‘Āina and Other Natural Resources as a Foundation for Education
  • Introduction to Protocols and Practices of Pule, Oli, and Kahea
  • Spirituality in Hawaiian Education