Richard James Hill

Richard James Hill, Ph.D.

Henry 206L
Tel (808) 739-8344
3140 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816

Assistant Professor of English (Clinical)


University of Edinburgh (UoE), Edinburgh, UK.
Ph.D. in English Literature, awarded Dec. 2005.
Thesis: “The Illustration of the Waverley Novels in Scotland: Walter Scott’s contribution to the Nineteenth-Century Illustrated Novel.” Joint supervision from the Departments of English Literature and History of Art.

M.Sc. by research in English Literature, awarded October 2002.
J. M. W. Turner’s illustrations for the novels of Sir Walter Scott. Final dissertation: “Re-Viewing History: Re-appraisals of history and the representation of the hero by Walter Scott, J. M. W. Turner and Thomas Carlyle.”

M.A. Honors Degree in English Literature, awarded July 1999.


Primary Interests:

British Romantic and Victorian fiction
Scottish fiction
Nineteenth-century historicism
History of the novel
Literature and the visual arts in the long eighteenth century
The novel and popular culture
Colonial literature of the Pacific

Secondary Interests:

Cinematic interpretation of the literary text
History of publishing in nineteenth-century Britain
Nineteenth-century children’s fiction



Robert Louis Stevenson and the Pictorial Text: A Case Study in the Victorian Illustrated Novel, accepted as a proposal by Ashgate Publishing, contract signed December 2012, for delivery date of August 2015.

Picturing Scotland through the Waverley Novels: Walter Scott and the Origins of the Victorian Illustrated Novel. (Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2010).


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