This is where your hard work and passion pays off. We have scholarships available through Chaminade for new, incoming students as well as current students. We've also created a collaborative way for you to find and apply for external scholarships.

Merit Based Scholarships

Our Merit Scholarships range between $3,000 to $16,500 and are awarded to both freshmen and transfer students that are granted admittance to Chaminade University's full time, undergraduate program. The scholarship value is determined by your academic records provided during admission and can be renewed each year of attendance for a maximum of four years. To apply for this scholarship you need only to complete an application and submit all necessary documents to our full time, undergraduate program. If accepted, you will then be eligible to receive a Merit Scholarship.

Religious Scholarships

Chaminade offers certain religious scholarships ranging from 50% - 75% off of regular tuition. Three different scholarships are provided in limited availability through the University.

Athletic Scholarships

Chaminade's NCAA Division II athletes excel both on the field and in the classroom. We offer scholarships for our student athletes through our basketball, soccer, cross country, volleyball, softball, tennis and golf programs.

Transfer Scholarships

You've recognized the potential for yourself as a Silversword at Chaminade and we also see the potential in you! Our Transfer Scholarship is a testament to our belief in you. Every year our incoming class of transfer students continue to amaze the community with their knowledge and talents.

Native Hawaiian Scholarships

As a Native Hawaiian-serving institution, we are proud to offer scholarships to students of Native Hawaiian ancestry.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships are available to classified students in the DAY Undergraduate, PACE Undergraduate or Graduate programs.

Chaminade/Kamehameha Nursing Scholarship

50% Tuition Nursing Scholarship for Kamehameha Graduates.

External Scholarships

Access external scholarship databases and view local scholarship deadlines.