Current / Returning Undergraduate Students

Students on Campus

To Get Financial Aid, File a FAFSA Every Year

The financial aid information below is for students currently enrolled in the undergraduate full-time Honolulu campus program.

Need Money?

The Chaminade Endowed Scholarships are only available to current students. Awards vary according to need in the range of $300 to $3,000. To find out more about eligibility and how to apply, see the link below.

» To More Endowed Scholarship Information

How to Continue Your Aid & Scholarships

Current students need to re-apply for aid each year:

Helpful links:

  • Check your outstanding loan amounts at the NSLDS website
  • View the current cost of attendance and budgets for the undergraduate program.
  • Students may use the online accept/reject financial aid form in WebAdvisor to accept full or partial award amounts or to fully reject an award. You can also contact your counselor in the Financial Aid Office if you would like to discuss your financial aid options before making a decision.
  • Browse useful links for current students

Financial Aid Calendar

Date Description
January File taxes
February File FAFSA
February Check FAFSA for corrections
March 1 Recommended Chaminade endowed scholarship deadline for Fall semester
March Chaminade award letter posted to WebAdvisor
After March Reapply for PLUS and Alternative loans
After March Contact Financial Aid to accept award
June/August Chaminade invoice arrives
August-October Money is disbursed
October 1 Recommended Chaminade endowed scholarship deadline for Spring semester

About Renewing Loans

To renew a federal student loan:
Be sure to accept your loan: Students who have applied for financial aid after their first academic year and have been issued an award letter must contact their financial aid counselor to notify them of the value of the loan they would like to accept (all or partial). Students do not need to resubmit any additional forms such as Master Promissory Notes or Entrance Interviews.

To renew a Parent PLUS Loan:
PLUS Loans must be renewed every year. Parents must apply for the PLUS loan and be approved to receive funds. Approval for prior years does not guarantee PLUS loan funding will be approved each year. Loan recipients can complete the PLUS loan application at

To renew an Alternative Loan:
Students who are receiving an Alternative loan must reapply for their loan every year. Just like the PLUS loan, alternative loans are credit approved loans, so they are not guaranteed each year. Students receiving an alternative loan must complete an application with their preferred vendor.

Maintaining Eligibility

Study, study: The most important thing you can do stay eligible for financial aid is to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Merit and Religious Scholarships: Your Chaminade GPA may vary but your award amount each year will remain the same as the year you entered Chaminade.

Financial Aid: You must file a FAFSA each year. In addition, you are eligible to apply for and receive federal financial aid if you are, or will be:

  • a classified student at CUH
  • have registered with the selective service (applies to U.S. males ages 18-25)
  • maintaining satisfactory academic progress
  • have not been convicted of a drug offense during the time you are enrolled and receiving financial aid
  • have not defaulted on a prior student loan or owe a refund on a previous educational grant