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Forensic Sciences

About Forensic Sciences at Chaminade

The study of Forensic Sciences at Chaminade allows our students an opportunity to become part of a unique community of scientists who serve the aims of justice.

Chaminade offers undergraduate and graduate degrees:

In addition, Chaminade offers additional training through the Chaminade Summer Institutes.

About the degree programs

The Chaminade Forensics Sciences programs immerse students in the latest technological and scientific advances in the field of criminal investigation. Students are able to learn advanced scientific techniques in our state-of-the-art laboratories. In addition, our Forensic Sciences programs deliver instruction in criminal law and hands-on, practical experiences in the field.

All of our instructors are actively engaged in casework in addition to their teaching responsibilities. Furthermore, students have opportunities to function as interns within a range of agencies including a crime laboratory, medical examiner, or crime scene unit.

Since the founding of the program in 1998, the Chaminade Forensic Sciences program has evolved into a well respected, dynamic program, producing graduates that are in demand. The program has grown with new, full-time faculty members that add new areas of expertise. Our faculty have active careers as forensic investigators and scientists. Students in the program benefit from the faculty and departmentís relationships with numerous military and government agencies.


Forensic Sciences Undergraduate

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Forensic Sciences


For inquiries please contact:

David Carter, Ph.D.
Director of Forensic Sciences
Tel: (808) 739-8352
Henry Hall 5

The Forensic Sciences Department is part of the
Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics