Chaminade University has a dedicated instructional lab for Forensic Sciences equipped for coursework in the forensic specialties of ballistics, firearms, fingerprint analysis, photography, and more. Additional laboratory facilities at the university support research by forensic sciences faculty and students.

Crime House, Outdoor Areas:

The "Crime House" is a dedicated building on campus that can be set up for mock crime scenes and also for research in areas such as blood spatter patterns. Adjacent outdoor areas are used for training in the detection and recovery of human remains.
Crime House


Faculty and students utilize state-of-the art technologies for anayzing samples for coursework, research, and for the Chaminade Collections archives.



Forensic Sciences


For inquiries please contact:

David Carter, Ph.D.
Director of Forensic Sciences
Tel: (808) 739-8352
Henry Hall 5

The Forensic Sciences Department is part of the
Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics