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Master of Science in Forensic Science (MSFS)
Fall 2014 Day Schedule

Contact: Heidi Harakuni 440-4204

2014 - 2015 Academic Year
Tuition is $710.00 per credit hour
Online Fee: $93/course
Hybrid Fee: $40/course

Full-time constitutes enrollment of at least 6 credits per quarter. 

Course Course Name Day Time Faculty Name Room
FS-530-01-3 Forensic Sciences M,W,F 9:30am D. Carter Eiben 201
FS-540-01-1 Crime Scene Investigation M,W,F 10:30am N. Harrison Henry L6
FS- 540L-01-3 Crime Scene Investigation Lab W 1:30pm N. Harrison Henry L6
FS-544-01-3 Forensic Biology T,Th 10:00am J. Kuh Wesselkamper 120
FS-544L-01-3 Forensic Biology Lab T 2:30pm J. Kuh Henry L2
FS-575-01-3 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice M,W,F 1:30pm R. Becker Behavioral Science Building 101
FS-620-01-3 Laboratory Management T,Th 5:30pm V. Sava Clarence T.C. Ching 251
FS-625-01-3 Trace Evidence T, Th 1:00pm D. Purcell Henry L6
FS-625L-01-3 Trace Evidence Lab Th 2:30pm D. Purcell Henry L6
FS-634-01-3 Bloodstain & Pattern Analysis T, Th 1:00pm W. Sullivan Crime House
FS-634L-01-3 Bloodstain & Pattern Analysis Lab Th 2:30pm W. Sullivan Crime House
FS-638-01-3  Firearms, Tool Marks & Ballistics M,W 5:30pm R. Jaeger Henry L6
FS-638L-01-3 Firearms, Tool Marks & Ballistics Lab M,W 7:00pm R. Jaeger Henry L6
FS-650-01-3 Forensic Anthropology T, Th 5:30pm R. Mann Wesselkamper 120
FS-790-01-3 Forensic Sciences Grad Seminar F 11:30am D. Purcell Henry 203
FS-799-01-3 Directed Studies F 3:30pm D. Purcell Henry 203