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Montessori Summer Institute

Below is the schedule of events from the Summer 2013 Institute and shows an example of topics that may be covered during the Summer 2015 Institute.

Please Note: The content outlined within this schedule is subject to change for the Summer 2015 Institute.

Sample Schedule Week I (2013 Montessori Summer Institute)
aloha "love"
Lei of Aloha - Welcoming Ceremony
Star of the Sea Early Learning Center
ohana "family"
Institute Overview: Logistics, Schedule
Purpose - Mission - Outreach - Enrichment
Setting the Stage - Montessori Philosophy
Place-based Education - Why is it important?
Nuturing the Spirit of the Child - Philosophical foundations
ka lokomaika‘i "kindness"
Huaka I: Tide Pools (Field Trip)
Our Water World - Overview

Culturally Appropriate Practice - Practical life activities - important foundations

Material Resources from Culture and Environment
Grace & Courtesy
ike pono
"do the right thing"
Montessori's Cosmic View: The Environment as Classroom
The Cosmos - activities

Sensorial Education - rationale and practice
Preparation for Night Sky Observation Field Trip

Evening Star Party- K9 and environs
Polynesian Voyage Society Presentation
aloha ‘aina
"love of the land"
Huaka I: Geology & Habitats
Full Day Road Trip around O‘ahu
Land Forms: Pali, Makapu‘u, Hanauma, Diamond Head, Kaimuki
Habitats - Wetlands
Huaka I: Hawai‘i Nature Center
Wonders of Creation

Ring of Fire
Water Cycle - features, life
Botany - activities
No Class
Sample Schedule Week II (2013 Montessori Summer Institute)
No Class
ka malama "caring"
Understanding Our Earth Home
Earth Study - Land and Water Forms
Science in the Classroom
ka na‘auao
Developing Integrated Curriculum: 5 Perspectives
Time (Historical), Space (geological), Science, Culture, and Cosmic Significance

Math - Overview (numerations, operations, measurement, graphing)
Math is All Around Us - Practical Applications

Preparation for Cultural Experience
ka laulima "cooperation"
Field Trip - Cultural: Kaipo‘i Kelling (Host)
The Ahupua‘a - From the Mountains to the Sea
Gifts from the Land (lo‘i)
Gifts from the sea (fishponds)
ka lokahi "unity"
Language and the Arts
Skills and literacy, expressive language (FT follow-up)

Art - Cultural Activies
Music - Gifts of Land and Sea

Zoology - Animal Kingdom
Integrated Curriculum Example
maluhia "peace"
ka ho'omana "spirituality"
Zoology: Man
Huaka I - Kawaiahao (Historical Perspective)

Needs of man across cultures
Cosmic task
Montessori & Peace - Building Peaceful Living Skills Activity
ke kuliana "responsibility"
Candle Ceremony
Creation Story Framework
Culminating Activity

Cultural Closing
‘Awa Ceremony - Kaipo‘i Kelling