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Underwater Forensic Investigation

June 9-13, 2014
CJ440/CJA640 • Underwater Forensic Investigation

Debunk the myths associated with underwater crime scene recovery operations. Learn and practice the scientific protocol that can and should be applied to 'underwater crime scenes.' Methods and techniques to locate, recover and handle submerged evidence will be covered, along with the handling of firearms, bodies and vehicles to prevent contamination or loss of forensic evidence.

The underwater investigation workshop is a five day (40 hours) course that carries three college credits. Undergraduate and Graduate students may participate in the course and earn college credit. Participants include undergraduate and graduate students as well as criminal justice professionals from around the country and Pacific Region.

Participats who are SCUBA-certified may earn an Underwater Investigator Certification upon completion of the diving portions of the class and payment of a $22.00 certification fee through the International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers.

Please note: Participants do not need to be SCUBA-certified to participate in the class.

Who should attend this workshop?
Law Enforcement and Public Safety Personnel, Attorneys, Criminal Justice and Forensic Science students

Monday, June 9 Forensic Aspects of Underwater Investigations
Instructor: Ronald Becker, J.D.
Tuesday, June 10 Operational Aspects of Underwater Investigations
Instructor: Lt. Lynn Dixon
Wednesday, June 11 First half: CSI - Coral Reefs
Second half: Dry Land Simulations
(practice search patterns and body bagging on dry land)
Thursday, June 12 Pool Exercises
Concentration Exercises; activities underwater designed to expose participants to controlled stress.
Friday, June 13 Class dispatched to Ala Moana Beach Park in teams.
Upon arrival they will interview witnesses, conduct a dive briefing, search for and discover submerged artifact. Tag, measure and sketch the scene. Return to classroom for critique of team performance.


Ronald Becker, J.D.
Chair, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Chaminade University
Author, Underwater Forensic Investigation
Former Director, Southwest Texas State Underwater Institute

Lt. Lynn Dixon
Commander, Texas Department of Public Safety Dive Team

Online Registration Begins February 1, 2014

Tuition: $1,350 (3 credits)
Housing: $234 (six nights off-campus university housing, shared dorm suite)
Housing Application Deadline: Friday, April 25, 2014

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