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What To Do If You Forget Your Email Password

Since the exchange email server and the Portal are interconnected, you can reset your email password by resetting your Portal password. To reset your account open a web browser (not Safari) and type in the address bar. When prompted to login to the Portal, enter a random number (e.g. 123) in the "User name" and "Password" fields and then click "OK". This will lead you back to the login prompt again. However, when you now, click "Cancel", you will be redirected to the screen below.

Click on the "I forgot my password" and input the requested information. After inputting the information, press the submit button once and then allow some time for the system to reset your account. If your reset was successful you will be prompted with a "Password reset successful" screen.

PLEASE NOTE: Since the Portal and your exchange email account are interconnected, changing the password in either one will automatically change the password in the other as well.