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How To Log In To Active Directory (AD)

When using any of our campus computers you must log on to Active Directory (AD). When turning on a computer on campus, this is the first thing you will see. Press "Ctrl" key, "Alt" key and "Delete" key at the same time.

The next screen you should see is the "Log On to Windows" prompt. Use your 7-digit Chaminade ID (CID) for the "User Name" and if this is the first time logging in, use the last 4 digits of your SSN or your birthday (mmddyy format). This should log you into Active Directory (AD) and you will see your desktop. Keep in mind that once you are logged off of the computer anything on the desktop will be deleted. Please save all work on a flash drive or email your work to yourself. It is recommended that you change your password once you log on via the Portal. It is just as important to log out of Active Directory (AD) properly. If you fail to log outproperly you will not be able to log on anywhere else. You will have to go back to the computer you were working on, sign in again, and properly sign out.