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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Will the MAPL program be following the quarter-based academic calendar?
The MAPL program is coordinated into trimesters, meaning there are 10-11 weeks per semester.  In a trimester system, students have three semesters of approximately 10 weeks in each semester. During each of the semesters the student takes three classes.  There are advantages and disadvantages to a trimester calendar.  One advantage is that by taking fewer courses at a time, you are able to focus more in depth on a particular subject. A second advantage is that if you don’t like the class you are taking, it will be over in less time.

Can any of these programs (tracks) be completed completely online?
No. the MPT courses are taught in conjunction with the diocese and require attendance one weekend per month during each three month session. There are three "trimesters" (January-March; April-June; and September-November) each academic year. Other than the weekend on-ground classes, students will spend the other nine weeks online with the instructor. Some of the courses in the various tracks are offered online, but many are offered only in traditional on-ground formats.

Would you like the letters of recommendation to be a traditional written letter or a formatted letter of recommendation?
Traditional letters are fine for now.

Will the students be following the same quarterly Graduate Academic Calendar as the rest of Chaminade’s graduate programs?
MPT/MAPL theology courses are all taught within the structure of Diaconate Formation Program. Students can earn a maximum of six credits per trimester. MAPL courses that are drawn from the other graduate programs are available on the regular 10 week sessions offered by PACE. Each trimester basically fits within an accelerated session (Winter = MPT January- March; Spring = MPT April-June; Fall = September-November). MPT does not do courses in the summer. 

What is the cost of tuition for the MPT/MAPL  Program?
Please see the latest pricing at:
Students covered under the Diocesan grant are not charged individually, unless they want to use VA benefits.