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Humanities Major: Overview


The Bachelor of Arts degree program with a major in Humanities is an interdisciplinary program which may include studies in history, literature, philosophy, religion, foreign languages, and cultural anthropology. Electives are chosen from Humanities-related courses in other disciplines such as studio and performing arts, art history and criticism, geography, sociology, political theory, science, and economics.

The major requires the completion of an extended research project culminating in completion of a Senior Thesis. Students completing such a degree generally will continue their studies at the graduate level. Their studies prepare them for a reflective life of service and professional careers that benefit from the ability to apply integrated perspectives to problems and social situations, using a variety of analytical tools and developed writing skills.

Together, the student and advisor outline a program of studies according to the student's individual interests and objectives. Through this degree program, a student may pursue, for example, a concentration in American Studies, Asian Studies, European Studies, Hawaiian Studies, Pacific Island Studies. They may develop a thematic course of study dealing with issues and ideas such as justice, development or human rights, or look at the contribution of the arts to society and notions of culture.

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