Hogan Entrepreneurial Program | Internships, Service, and Mentors

Co-Curricular Activities

China Trip

Internship in Applied Entrepreneurship (Optional)

Students may participate in an internship of any duration, but not shorter than the equivalent of four weeks full time work. The internship exposes students to entrepreneurs and their day-to-day work. These are normally paid internships, and the internships are developed and selected by the staff of the Hogan Entrepreneurial Program. Additionally, students may participate in internships in another locale:

  • International Internships (China, India)
  • Hogan Summer Internship at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington (usually 6 weeks)

Hogan Intern Program Brochure
Letters From China

Community Service

All students in the Hogan Entrepreneurial Program serve at least 25 hours of community service locally during each year of their candidacy in the program. The areas of service are at the choice of the students and are approved in consultation with the program director to best leverage skills the students develop in the program.

We sponsor a job preparation workshop for the homeless, on campus, once a year in October. There will be approximately 25 participants who will spend the day with a volunteer Hogan student, to prepare them for future employment. Time will be spent going over a resume, learning about their strengths and skills, preparing for job interviews, and learning about the resources available to them.

Homeless Program Brochure

Mentor Relationships

All participating students are assigned entrepreneurial mentors to provide advice and support in developing their entrepreneurial skills and interests.