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Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

- General:

The Pacific Islands: An Encyclopedia
HAWN-PAC REF DU 17 .P3 2000

- Historical:

Historical dictionary of New Zealand

HAWN-PAC REF DU 420 .J24 2005

Historical dictionary of Oceania
HAWN-PAC REF DU 10 .H57 1981

- Language:

Hawaiian dictionary : Hawaiian-English, English-Hawaiian
HAWN-PAC REF PL 6446 .P795 1986

Mamaka Kaio: A Modern Hawaiian Vocabulary

HAWN-PAC REF PL 6446 .M36 2003

Samoan dictionary : Samoan-English, English-Samoan
HAWN-PAC REF PL 6501 .Z5 M5 1966

Simplified dictionary of Modern Samoan

HAWN-PAC REF PL 6501 .Z5 A45 1985

Simplified dictionary of Modern Tongan

HAWN-PAC REF PL 6531 .Z5 T85 1997

Te Matatiki: Contemporary Maori Words

HAWN-PAC REF PL 6465 .T4 1996


Other Language Dictionaries include: Carolinian, Kusaiean, Marshallese, Niue, Palauan, Tahitian, and Yapese.



Basic Hawaiiana, 3rd ed.

HAWN-PAC REF DU 623 .M8 1990

Culture & Behavior in Hawai`i - an annotated bibliography

HAWN-PAC REF Z 7204 .P46 R8 1971

The Hawaiians: an Annotated Bibliography
HAWN-PAC REF DU 624.65 .K57 1985

Hawaii National Bibliography, 1780-1900 vols. 1-4
HAWN-PAC REF Z 4701 .F67 1998

The Pele Literature: An annotated bibliography of the English-Language Literature on Pele

Bishop Museum Bulletin in Anthropology 4

HAWN-PAC REF BL 2620 .H3 N55 1992

Samoan Islands Bibliography

HAWN-PAC REF Z 4891 .H65 1984

Cultural References

Epic Tale of Hi`iakaokapuleopele

HAWN-PAC REF GR 385 .H3 H66 2006

Hawaiian Music and Musicians

HAWN-PAC REF ML 200.7 .H4 H45 1979

Hawai`i Place Names : shores, beaches, and surf sites
HAWN-PAC REF DU 622 .C546 2002

Na Lei Makamae

HAWN-PAC REF SB 449.5 .L4 M34 2003

Native Hawaiian Study Commission vols. 1-2*
HAWN-PAC REF DU 624.65 N37 1983

Native Planters in Old Hawaii: their life, lore, and environment
HAWN-PAC REF GN 424 .H3 1991

Oceania: Native Cultures of Australia and Pacific Islands

HAWN-PAC REF GN 662 .O46 1988

`Olelo No`eau: Hawaiian proverbs & poetical sayings*
HAWN-PAC REF PN 6519 .H4 P84 1983

Resource Units in Hawaiian Culture*
HAWN-PAC REF DU 625.8 .M58 1992

Film & Video

Moving Images of the Pacific Islands : a guide to films and videos

HAWN-PAC REF DU 1 .O33 1998

Hawaii in the Movies, 1898-1959.

HAWN-PAC REF PN 1995.9 .H38 S36 1988


Hawaiian Genealogies vols.1-2

HAWN-PAC REF CS 2203 .M35 1983

Kaua`i in history: a guide to the resources

HAWN-PAC REF DU 628 .K3 S77 2000

Kona in History: A guide to resources

HAWN-PAC REF DU 628 .K65 S66 1994

Maritime Industries of Hawaii: a guide to historical resources

HAWN-PAC REF HD 9457 .H3 N3 1987

Maui in History: a guide to resources

HAWN-PAC REF DU 628 .M3 D84 1998

Ranching in History: a guide to historical resources

HAWN-PAC REF DU 625 .W485 1988

Other Guides to resources include Coffee, Pineapple, Rice, Sugar

Geography, Nature, & Science

Atlas of Hawai`i
HAWN-PAC REF G 1534.20 .U54 1998

Atlas of the Pacific Islands

HAWN-PAC REF G 2860 .Q36 2003

Checklist of the Fishes of the Hawaiian Archipelago

HAWN-PAC REF QL 1 .B57 no.6 2005

A Hawaiian Florilegium: Botanical Portraits for Paradise

HAWN-PAC REF QK 473 .H4 G75 1996

Hawaii's Sea Creatures : a guide to Hawaii's marine invertebrates
HAWN-PAC REF QL636.5 .H3 .H67 1998

Manual of the Flowering Plants of Hawai`i vols.1-2

HAWN-PAC REF QK 473 .H4 W33 1999

Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument

Draft Monument Management Plan vols.1-4

HAWN-PAC REF QH 76.5 .H3 P36 2008

The Sky Tonight, 3rd ed.

HAWN-PAC REF QB 63 .R46 1996


Hawaiian Legends Index vols. 1-3
HAWN-PAC REF GN 851 .A84 1988

Index to the Hawaiian Journal of History 1967-2001

HAWN-PAC REF DU 1 .H14 1967-2001

Index to Periodicals of Hawaii vols.1-2
HAWN-PAC REF AI3 .H38 1976

Index to the Honolulu Advertiser and Honolulu Star-bulletin 1929-1994

Legal Resources

Crime in Hawai`i: a review of uniform crime reports

HAWN-PAC REF HV 7260.5 .C7 2007

A Dictionary of Hawaiian Legal Land-Terms
HAWN-PAC REF KFH 126 .A68 D53 1995

Hawaii revised statutes : comprising the statutes of the State of Hawaii, consolidated, revised, and annotated + Supplements and Index
HAWN-PAC REF KFH30 1993 .A22

Ku`e: The Hui Aloha `Aina Anti-Annexation Petition 1897-1898

HAWN-PAC REF KZ 245 .H3 M56 1998

Native Hawaiian Data Book 2006*

HAWN-PAC REF DU 624.65 .N34 2006

Native Hawaiian Rights Handbook
HAWN-PAC REF KFH411 .N37 1991

South Pacific Islands Legal Systems

HAWN-PAC REF KVC 117 .S68 1993

U.S. 2000 Census: Native Hawaiian Population

HAWN-PAC REF HA 329.6 N38 2001

Sports and Leisure

Hawai`i Sports: history, facts, & statistics
HAWN-PAC REF GV 584 .H3 C57 1999

The Hiker’s Guide to the Hawaiian Islands
HAWN-PAC REF GV199.42 .H3 B35 2000

A Runner's Guide to O`ahu
HAWN-PAC REF GV 1061.22 .H39 V37 2004


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