ebrary Academic Complete

ebrary Academic Complete is an online book collection that spans all academic subject areas. It includes more than 40,000 full-text books, reports and other authoritative content from leading publishers. 

Access Online Databases.



1.   Go to Sullivan Family Library’s home page at http://www.chaminade.edu/library

2.   Click on Search For, then Databases by Title (gray box)

3.   Click on ebrary Academic Complete (under Books and Ebooks)

For off campus access, login with your Chaminade ID and password.



You can search ebrary by conducting a simple search, an advanced search or by browsing.


Search -- Simple      

1.   Enter a word or phrase and click the Search ebrary button.

2.   ebrary searches the full text, title and subject areas of documents based on key words and phrases.  


ebrary simple search



Search -- Advanced

Search by a number of different parameters, including text, subject, title, author, publisher, etc., with multiple keywords or phrases.

1.   Click on Search ebrary.

2.   Use Boolean operators, proximity searching or phrase searching. (See Search Techniques below).


ebrary search advanced



Search Techniques

USE To Search for Example
AND All words

North Korea AND missiles

to find North Korea and missiles in every record

OR Any of the words

Senate OR House

to find Senate or House (or both) in every


NOT One word but not another

bird NOT flu

to find bird but not flu

W# Words within x words of each other in order entered

domestic W3 violence

to find domestic within 3 words of violence

"   " Phrases "no child left behind"


Search – Browsing


1.   From the Info page, click on All Subjects.     

2.    Select a subject to browse titles.

ebrary All Subjects


ebrary subject list


Search Results


1.    Results are shown in Book Rank.

Another option is Chapter Rank (Top 20 chapters relevant to your search).

2.    The Recent tab shows the history of all searches for the current session.

3.   Sort results by:

  • Relevance
  • Title
  • Contributor
  • Publisher
  • Date

4.   Focus your search by selecting an additional subject below.


ebrary results


View Documents

1.   Click on a title to view document, one page at a time.

2.   Search terms are highlighted.

3.   Use the navigation toolbar to go to the previous or next page.

4.   You can also Search Document or go directly to a chapter.


ebrary View Documents


5.   Download the ebrary Reader for more ebrary features.

  • Make sure that your browser allows pop-ups from site.ebrary.com and cookies are enabled.

6.   From InfoTools, select Preferences to choose a citation style (MLA, APA, ACW or ebrary).




InfoTools allows you to:

Define Get a dictionary definition of the currently selected word.
Explain Get an encyclopedia explanation of the currently selected text
Locate Locate the selected place name on a map.
Translate Translate the selected text from one language to another.
Who Look up an individual using contact, biographical, or bibliographical information.
Search Document Search for text in the current document
Search All Documents Search the ebrary website for all documents containing the selected text, author, subject, title, or publisher.
Search Web Expand your search to other websites.

Select a color for highlighting or highlight eraser.

Add To Bookshelf Add the document to your personal bookshelf for future reference.
Copy Text Copy the selected text with a bibliographic citation, which you can paste into another application, such as an email or word processing program.
Copy Bookmark Create a bookmark (a URL of the page), which you can paste into another application, such as an email or word processing program.
Print Print pages in the current document.
Toggle Automenu Turn Automenu on or off. When Automenu is checked, the InfoTools menu displays each time you select text.
Preferences Select options for Highlight Search Terms, Highlight Text Links, Highlight Graphic Links, and Citation Style
Help Open the ebrary Reader help.
About ebrary Reader Get version information about the ebrary Plug-in Reader.


Create an Account

An ebrary account allows you to:

  • Save documents, including annotations, to your personal bookshelf
  • Highlight and annotate documents
  • Create folders to organize your research

1.   Click on Sign-in (upper right  corner)

2.   Click Create my user account

3.   Complete the form and click Create New Account



With an ebrary account, you can store documents in a personal bookshelf.


1.   Click Add to My Bookshelf when viewing a document.

2.   Annotations (notes, hightlighting, bookmarks) made in a document will be added to your bookshelf.

3.   Create and use folders to organize your documents.


Print Documents

1.   Click on the printer icon.

2.   Select current page or a range of pages to be printed and click OK.

3.    Printed page(s) will include citation.


Copy and Paste

1.   Select text.

2.   From InfoTools, select Copy Text.

3.   Open a Word document and paste.

4.   Citation will be included with text.


Ebrary titles are protected by copyright laws and your access is allowed under fair use limitations:

  • You are not allowed to print out or copy and paste an entire book.
  • There are limitations on the number of pages you may print or copy.
  • Some publishers also limit the number of pages that can be viewed.



Help (top right)

ebrary Quick Start tutorial

Reference Desk  739-4660

Email library@chaminade.edu

Updated February 2009