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Literature Resource Center

Access Online Databases.

LiteratureResourceCenter is a comprehensive source for literary criticism and other information about authors, their works, and literary topics.




Go to Sullivan Family Library's home page at

1.  Click on Search for, then Databases by Title.

2.  Click on LiteratureResourceCenter (under Books and Ebooks).

3.  Off campus access requires login with your Chaminade ID and password.

Basic Search

Basic Search

1.   Select Search for words in:

A.  Person – By or About searches for information about an author and also finds works by that author (if available) 

  •  Search for proper names by entering first name first, followed by last name (example: Jane Austen) or last name first, then the first name (example: Austen Jane).
  • For names with two or more initials or combination of initials and first or middle names, separate teach part of the name with a space (example: j k rowling or rowling j k).

B.  Name of Work searches for information about a literary work and also finds the full text version (if available)

C.  Keywords searches for any type of term, whether a name, topic, theme, event, etc.

D.  All Text is a complete search of all words; recommended if searching for a quotation, jargon, new terminology or more abstract topics

2.  Limit results:

  • to peer-reviewed publications
  • by publication date(s)
  • by publication century
  • by content type
  • by publication title

3.   Type search term(s) in Find box, click Search.


Advanced Search


Advanced Search


1.  Select index(es) and enter search term(s).

2.  Select Boolean operator – And, Or, Not

3.  Limit results:

  • to peer-reviewed publications
  • by publication date(s)
  • by publication century
  • by content type
  • by publication title
  • by document type
  • by language
  • by target audience

4.  Click Search.


Person Search

Person Search

To search for a person or create lists of individuals who fit a profile you have designed.

1.  Enter person’s name

2.  Or use options:

  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Ethnicity
  • Literary Movement
  • Genre
  • Subject/Theme
  • Place of Birth
  • Place of Death
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Death
  • Century

3.  Click Search.


Works Search


Works Search

To find a specific work or create lists of literary works fitting a custom profile.

1.  Enter name of the work in search box.

2.  Or use options:

  • Type of work
  • Author
  • Publication Year
  • Century
  • Full text of work available
  • by original language
  • Author Gender
  • Author Nationality
  • Author Ethnicity

3.  Click Search.


Literary Index

Gale Literary Index

1.  Author Search to find which Gale literature series include author entries.

2.  Title Search to see who wrote it and/or where it’s discussed in Gale’s literature criticism series.

3.  Custom Search to look for authors in the index by name, birth date, death date, or nationality.




To search Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of Literature or Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.




Search results are organized into tabs across the top of the results.

Select tab:

  • Literature Criticism: Academic, critical or analytical essays written by scholars.
  • Biographies: articles about authors’ lives and other individuals, contexts in which they wrote and critical reception of their works.
  • Topic & Work Overviews: Articles about general information about topics, events, and plots, themes, characters and contexts of literary works
  • Primary Sources & Literary Works: Texts of poems, stories and other creative works as well as first-hand accounts such as interviews, letters and diary entries
  • Multimedia: Images, audio and links to selected websites

1.  Narrow results by

  • Subjects
  • Person – About
  • Name of Work
  • Author – Items by
  • Publication Title
  • Document Type

2.  Limit to:

  • with images
  • peer-reviewed



3.  ReadSpeaker: Listen to this page using ReadSpeaker

4.  Citation

     MLA citation found below the document.

5. Tools

  • Print Preview
  • Email
  • Download
  • Download MP3
  • Citation Tools – generate MLA or APA citation
  • Translate - view a rough translation into several languages (not a completely accurate and grammatically correct translation).


Search Techniques

To search for

Both words

alcohol and pregnancy

to find both words in every record

Any of the words

dreams or daydreams

To find dreams or daydreams or both in every record

One word but not another

crime not murder

to find crime but not murder

“       “
Exact phrase

“sink or swim”

To find words as an exact phrase

Variant endings of a word


to find pigment, pigments, pigmentation

Replace one character


to find defense or defence

One or no characters


To find product or products but not productive or productivity

Words within number of words of each other in order entered

shared w3 values

to find values within three or fewer words after shared


Words within number of each other in any order

memory n5 repressed

to find memory and repressed with five or fewer words of each other in either direction



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Updated September 2009