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New York Times Historical (ProQuest)

New York Times Historical is a database for the The New York Times with full page and article images with searchable full text from the first issue in 1851. There is an embargo of approximately 4 years.


Access Online Databases.



1.  Go to Sullivan Family Library’s home page at

2.  Click on Search for, then Databases by Title.

3.  Off campus access requires login with your Chaminade ID and password.


Search – Basic


NYT Historical Search Basic


1.  At the Basic Search screen, enter your search term(s) in the box.

2.  Refine Search:

  • DateRange
    • On this date
    • Before this date
    • From
  • More Search Options:
    • Look for terms in – search your term(s) within the citation and     document text OR citation and abstract.
    • Document type – from Birth notice to Weather (e.g. editorial)
    • Author
    • Sort Results by – Oldest, Most recent, or Most relevant.

 3.  Click Search.


Search – Advanced


NYT Historical Search Advanced


1.  Enter word or phrase.

2.  To combine your search with additional search words:

  • Choose Boolean operator.
  • Add second word to the search field.
  • Select field to search from drop down menu.
  • Click on Add a row to add more words.

3.  Use Search Options to focus your search:

  • Date range
  • Document Type
  • Author
  • Sort results by
  • Results per page

4.  Click Search.


Search Techniques


To search for Example


All words

theater AND Broadway

to find theater and Broadway in every record


Any of the words

Giants OR Mets

to find Giants or Mets (or both) in every record



Finds articles with the first word but not the second

mafia AND NOT Capone
"   "

Exact phrase.

Two word queries are searched as exact phrase.

“Pearl Harbor” or Pearl Harbor

to find Pearl Harbor as an exact phrase


Variant endings of a word (wildcard)


to find judge, judges, judging


Replace a single letter


to find neat, nest, next


Words near each other in any order

alcohol W/3 drugs

to find alcohol and drugs within 3 words of each other in any order


Words are within the same paragraph

Polio vaccine W/PARA Salk


All words appear within the document text

teenagers W/DOC gang



Words appear but not within some number of words apart (either before or after)

"Duke of Windsor" NOT W/20 abdicat*


First word appears some number of words before the second word

gold PRE/5 standard

Search Results


1.   Abstract  Abstract  summary of article

  • Mark Document

2.   Article image - PDF (Scanned Image)  Article image - PDF

  • Mark Document

3.  Page map  Page map

4.  Page Image - PDF  Page Image - PDF


Help  (top right of page)

Reference Desk   739-4660



Updated February 2009