Marianist Community | Marianist Educational Associates


September 20, 2005, 7 – 8 P.M.

Mike Fassiotto was absent. Sue Wesselkamper and Bro. Bernie Ploeger were present in an ex officio capacity.

Prior to the meeting we attended Mass and enjoyed dinner with the Hale Malia Community.

We enjoyed visiting and dialoging with our guest, Bro. Ray Fitz, the Executive Director of the Association of Marianist Universities. For his benefit each member described his/her reaction to being a Marianist Educational Associate; and we briefly indicated the first projects we are undertaking.

Bro. Ray reiterated the need to develop lay Marianist leadership on our university campuses to ensure the continuance and development of the Marianist charism on these campuses in the years ahead.

Bro. Ray asked us to explore the public commitment aspect of membership in the MEA. He did not suggest a format for such a commitment, but he did think it should be renewed periodically.

He suggested that by the beginning of the second semester we should be ready to invite new members to the MEA. Just prior to the Marianist Universities Meeting in June 2006 at CUH, there will be an orientation workshop similar to last year’s on this campus.

We thought that our meetings should begin with prayer and reflection and that occasionally during the year we should have a retreat.

One source for conversation and reflection suggested by Bro. Ray was Peter Steinfeld’s book, “People Adrift.”

Bro. Jerry will arrange a time and place for our next meeting.