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October 4, 2005, 12:30 to 1:30 P.M.

All present.

We discussed the details of the November visit of John Carr, the Secretary for the U.S. Bishops.

  • Sunday, November 27 Dinner at Sue’s with the MEA’s and members of the Hawaiian Catholic Conference— approximately 15 guests.
  • Monday, November 28 9-11 A.M., meeting with the Principals of the local Catholic schools. Sponsored by the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Honolulu, Carmen Himenes.
  • Tuesday, November 29 1 –7 P.M., meeting and dinner with the expanded PLC and MEA’s at a Waikiki hotel. Topic: Catholic Social Teaching andand the Catholic University. (Bro. Jerry to make the arrangements.)
  • Wednesday, November 30 Breakfast session (7:30 to 10) with the Hawaii Catholic Conference at the Japanese Cultural Center.
  • Wednesday, November 30 Possible informal gathering with students
    on campus.

Bro. Jerry will ask Bro. Bernie about the possibility of presenting a piece on the Catholic intellectual tradition at the January faculty retreat. Apparently, that program is pretty tight this year, so most likely we will have to look for a time to do this later in the semester.

Next meeting is Tuesday, October 25th, at noon in the President’s Conference Room. Grissel will provide the lunch; Mike the prayer.