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Tuesday January 9, 2007, 7 to 8 P.M.

Present: Bro. Frank Damm, Bro. Jerry Bommer, Dave Coleman, Vale Coleman, Barbara Belle, Grissel Benitez-Hodge, Peggy Friedman, Yukio Ozaki, Kay Stone

The MEA will promote the Lingo Bingo Contest for Monday, January 22 at noon in the Loo Center. MEAs can help organize teams to engage in this contest on Marianist trivia.

For the offertory procession at the Founders’ Day Mass on Wednesday, January 24, Kay Stone and Bro. Jerry will organize a presentation of symbols representing the Characteristics of Marianist Education and the Mission of CUH:

  • Academic Department (Bro. Bernie Ploeger) on Formation in Faith
  • Student Services (Grissel Benitez-Hodge) on Family Spirit
  • Budget and Finances (Dan Gilmore) on Adaptation and Change
  • Enrollment (Joy Bouey) on Excellence in Education
  • Institutional Advancement (Gary Cordova) on Service, Justice, and Peace
  • President’s Office (Bro. Jerry Bommer) on the Mission

Immediately after the Mass and before the presentation of the Marianist, Chaminade, and Founders’ Awards, we will present the two Marianists (Frs. Tim Eden and Robert Hertweck) whose bios are being added to the website featuring the biographies of Marianists who have served at CUH.

To encourage the faculty and staff to attend the lunch and presentation by Fr. Joseph Lackner in a joint meeting with the faculty of Saint Louis School the MEAs will ask President Sue to send out invitations to the CUH faculty and staff. The topic of the talk will be the 21st Century application of the Marianist Educational Characteristic of Adaptation and Change. This joint meeting is scheduled for February 20 at 1:30 p.m.

The forthcoming MEA workshop by Andy and Mary Lynne Hill was discussed.
Tentative plans are to have the workshop at St. Anthony’s Retreat Center on Friday evening, March 9, and all day Saturday, March 10. The theme: sharing the Marianist charism in ways that do not put people off. It was suggested that we should also utilize the Hills by having them give presentations to a broader audience, for example, Mary Lynne gives a very professional talk on the life of Fr. Chaminade.

While discussing possible candidates for the MEAs, the question of inviting members of our maintenance and cleaning staff was brought up. Such a move seems commensurate with the egalitarian spirit of the Marianist charism.

Because one of the MEA’s has classes on Tuesday evenings, future meetings will be on Wednesday evenings. Next meeting: Wednesday, January 31.