Marianist Community | Marianist Educational Associates


January 31, 2007, 7 to 8 P.M.

Present: Bro. Frank Damm, Bro. Jerry Bommer, Dave Coleman, Vale Coleman, Barbara Belle, Grissel Benitez-Hodge, Mike Fassiotto, Peggy Friedman, Yukio Ozaki, Kay Stone, and Venus Ituralde

The MEAs suggested that a letter by Sue Wesselkamper or in her name should be written to the superiors of Curtis Washburn and Aulani Kaanoi informing each of them that one of their subordinates has been invited to join the MEA and explaining that such a membership will not interfere with the fulfillment of their duties.

Bro. Jerry will ask Bros. Ray Fitz and Tom Giardino to provide a standard reading list for all the MEAs. Bro. Jerry will provide the 2006 MEAs with some of the readings pertinent to the Marianist charism as it relates to the University.

The assumption is that the present MEAs will be invited to this year’s MUM in San Antonio and Yukio will be going to the MEA Workshop prior to MUM. We are also assuming that going to these meetings is on University time.

If most of the eight faculty and staff who have been invited to join the MEA do join, a new format for our meetings will have to be designed. David Coleman will head a committee of Kay Stone, Mike Fassiotto, and Venus Ituralde to look into this matter.

Peggy Friedman will look into the possibility of using one of the classrooms in Keiffer Hall for the Andy and Mary Lynn Workshop on the evening of March 9 and all day on March 10.

The Assistant Provincial, Fr. Jim Fitz, is scheduled to meet with the MEAs on Tuesday evening, March 13. If the evening has too many scheduling conflicts, we’ll meet for breakfast (8 A.M.) on that day, assuming Fr. Jim free at that time.

At noon on Wednesday, February 28, the Setting of the Marianist Table will be enacted in the Silversword Café. Venus, Barb, Peggy, and Yukio will make it happen.

Mike Fassiotto will ask Al Lum to present, sometime in March, his program on Bro. Bertram’s late 19th Century photos of Hawaii in the Black Box Theater.

A slid show depicting the “footsteps of Fr. Chaminade” is planned for April. This is a travelogue of historical places in Fr. Chaminade, Adele, and de Lamourous’s lives.

Future potential presenters are: Carol Ramey and Fr. Robert Witwicki.