Marianist Community | Marianist Educational Associates


March 13, 2007, 7 to 8 P.M.

Present: Bro. Frank Damm, Bro. Jerry Bommer, Dave Coleman, Val Coleman, Barbara Belle, Grissel Benitez-Hodge, Kay Stone, Curtis Washington, Sharon LePage, Patti Lee Robinson, Sue Wesselkamper

Bro. Ray Fitz, Executive Director of the Association of Marianist Universities was our honored guest. He reviewed the three activities of MEAs:

  1. to continue to study the Marianist charism, learning to adapt it to our lives;
  2. together to strive to improve the Marianist culture on campus; and
  3. to make a public commitment to work at these goals.

After hearing about our activities as MEAs, Bro. Ray gave examples of MEA activities on the campuses of UD and St. Mary’s University, such as MEAs forming study groups, arranging for weekly social meetings over coffee, becoming more formally involved in the orientation programs for new faculty, staff, and students. He feels that in time a MEA member from each university will be put on the Board of the Association of Marianist Universities. He suggested that at CUH the MEAs could possibly meet with the newly formed Mission and Identity Committee of the Board.

Bro. Jerry explained that not all MEAs can go to MUM. A total of twenty faculty and staff members from CUH are going this year. If we took all fifteen MEAs , the President, Vice President, Rector, and Director of Campus Ministry, we would have only one place available for someone whose responsibilities and interests are commensurate with this year’s theme. Since the six new MEAs are already in San Antonio for the formation program, they will also attend MUM.

The Andy and Mary Lynne workshop has not materialized for this academic year. Dave Coleman will contact the Hills to look into the possibility of a workshop during the next academic year.

A committee headed by Dave Coleman and including Kay Stone, Venus Ituraldi, Mike Fassiotto will look into possible new formats for our meetings.

Bro. Ray Fitz will provide Bro. Jerry with an updated reading list for MEAs. Bro. Jerry will provide each MEA with a binder of those readings.

A slide show depicting the “footsteps of Fr. Chaminade” is being planned for April.

Hopefully, we will be able to arrange Al Lum’s presentation of some of Bro. Bertram’s late 19th Century photos of Hawaii.