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April 18, 2007, 6:50 to 7:35 P.M.

Members Present: Dave Anderson, Dave Coleman, Val Coleman, Sharon LePage, Barb Belle, Grissel Benitez-Hodge, Kay Stone, Venus Ituralde, Bro. Jerry Bommer, and Bro. Frank Damm

Bro. Jerry noted that the committee established to look into the format and place of our meetings as the membership increases has not made any recommendations. Bro. Jerry thought that at this time the meetings could still be at Marianist Hall, if we used the chapel as a meeting room.

President Sue has asked the MEAs to create an orientation program for new faculty and staff that would explain and describe the Marianist charism as it applies to a Marianist University. A committee was created to spearhead this project: Mike Fassiotto, Grissel, Barb Belle, Dave Coleman. Grissel will check out what the other two Marianist universities are doing in this area during this June’s MUM. We see such a program consisting of a series of sessions, possibly: Marianist History, Marianist Spirituality, Marianist Pedagogy, and the Five Characteristics. Various videos are available that could enhance the presentations. Possibly a portion of the staff retreat could be used annually for a presentation with a Marianist theme.

John Carr’s presence in Hawaii next semester has not been determined. It is incumbent on his reply to our invitation. We hope to have him here in October. If he comes, we hope to present him to both students and faculty. Mr. Carr is very knowledgeable on the status and Catholic understanding of world peace and social development.

The status of a possible workshop by the Hills is awaiting a reply from the Hills. Dave Coleman has sent them an inquiry.

Thanks to the efforts of Dave Coleman the transcripts of Fr. Jim Heft’s keynote address and the three responses at MUM 2006 have been sent to Bro. Ray Fitz who has put them in the archival section of the AMU Website.

Our next meeting is scheduled for May 17, 2007 at Marianist Hall.