Marianist Community | Marianist Educational Associates


May 17, 2007, 7:00 to 8 P.M.
Marianist Hall

Members Present: Dave Anderson, Val Coleman, Sharon LePage, Barb Belle, Kay Stone, Venus Ituralde, Mike Fassiotto, Peggy Friedman, Curtis Washburn, Aulani Kaanoi, Larry Osborne, Yukio Ozaki, Bro. Frank Damm, and Bro. Jerry Bommer

Kay Stone provided a meaningful opening prayer service.

The discussion on the format for our future meetings was brief. The committee (Mike Fassiotto, Kay Stone, Venus Ituralde, and David Coleman) has not found the time to meet. However, the consensus seems to be that our present format is good. Bro. Jerry said that by utilizing the chapel for our meeting room it is still practical to have our meetings at Marianist Hall.

Andy and Mary Lynne Hill have agreed to provide a workshop for the MEAs in the fall. Dave Coleman is in communication with the Hills; he will inform them that we are suggesting the weekends of either October 12-14 or October 19-21. Once we have the date set, we can develop the program.

The committee on orientation for new faculty and staff (Mike Fassiotto, Grissel, Barb Belle, Dave Coleman) gave their report. They would like to know who specifically are we to orientate—new faculty, adjuncts, staff, old faculty, adjuncts and staff? And how much time will be provided for this? Can we use an hour of the annual staff retreat? Can we add an hour to the training of new full time and part time faculty in the fall? Can regular faculty be invited to this meeting? Bro. Jerry will seek answers to these questions from the administration.
It’s important to help staff and faculty understand how the Marianist characteristics play out in their areas of responsibility.
The process for staff should included dialoging with people from other departments with whom their department does business.

John Carr, the secretary for the Department of Social Development and World Peace, U. S. Catholic Conference of Bishops, will be available in January and early February, 2008. Dave Coleman informed us that the Diocese would like the clergy to meet with Dr Carr, and Social Ministries would like a meeting with him on Oahu and on the Big Island. Dave suggests that Dr. Carr’s presentations on campus be both informational and challenging in terms of our mission and identity, interactive, and include both faculty and students.

The Commitment Ceremony for MEAs is scheduled for Monday, October 1, in conjunction with the Society of Mary’s 190th birthday. The commitment will be made by the six new MEAs. Should the other MEAs make a re-commitment at that time?

Peggy Friedman asked us to explore the roll of the MEAs in the WASC process of evaluation. What is our formal roll, if any? Should we provide testimonials?

Our next official meeting will be in August. Barb Belle will invite MEAs to less formal gatherings in the interim.