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Meeting on November 13, 2007, 6:50 to 8:05 P.M.

Members Present: Barbara Belle, Curtis Washburn, Yukio Ozaki, Dave and Val Coleman, Bro. Frank Damm, Kay Stone, Sharon LePage, Grissel Benitez-Hodge (for the last half of the meeting); Guests: Mary Pat Sjostrom and Michael Haisen.

The meetings were scheduled for the remainder of this academic year:
December 18, January 15, February 19, March 18, April 15, May 20,
August 5.
Meetings will be at Marianist Hall with the usual format: Mass, dinner, meeting.

The follow up discussion on the Hills’ Workshop brought out the need to have a workshop that everyone will attend. Appreciated the concrete ideas presented by the Hills and their ability to let us take their ideas and relate them to our institution. Helped us understand how imperative it is for leadership to be sympathetic to the Catholic Marianist identity and goals of the University. Brought us to the realization that we need to discuss how we see the MEAs operating at CUH and under what structures. It was decided to make this the topic for our December meeting. Once we have some idea of our structures within MEA and our modus operandi within the Chaminade community, we will invite President Sue to react to our evolving understanding of who we are and to give us her vision and expectations for the MEAs.

In light of the emphasis last summer’s MUM put on globalization, Kay Stone suggested that we keep in mind a workshop on this topic presented by the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative. MSJC will be brought to Hawaii in the spring of 2009 for a Mackey Lecture. Possibly more events around globalization will be occurring at CUH prior to their arrival, but it would be good to keep them in mind in the event that we would find a workshop on this topic very timely and beneficial when they eventually do arrive in Hawaii.

John Carr’s visit is now tentatively scheduled for the second week of March. He will begin with some sessions with Catholic Social Ministries on Maui and the Big Island. Towards the end of that week he will come to Oahu. What would we like him to do? Dave Coleman said he is one of the few people who could give us a rundown on what is happening in the Church world wide. Possibly, he could talk to student groups, specifically students of Pierre Asselin and Caryn Callahan’s; and/or a Business Leadership group hosted by President Sue and John Webster. John could give a talk to the MEAs or to the Board of Regents’ Mission and Identity Committee. In the next weeks his Hawaii dates will be finalized and a definite plan of action can be determined. Dave Coleman is organizing John Carr’s schedule; the MEAs will be available to help in any way.

Bro. Jerry encouraged the MEAs to nominate students for the Founders’ Award. That student should be a person of faith and an exemplary roll model. The deadline for nominations is Monday, November 19.

A lengthy discussion evolved about the use of scenarios to facilitate the development of middle management staff and teachers in the practical application of Marianist values within the Chaminade community. Apparently this technique is used in the training of staff at the University of Dayton. The MEAs realize they are not experts in this type of facilitation, but possibly with some training it could be a method of helping people become aware of value connections, of identifying issues, and of applying Marianist principles to real situations. Carol Ramey, the Director of NACMS, is coming next September to give a Mackey lecture. She could be a valuable resource on this topic.

Those interested in sponsoring a family for the Christmas on Campus celebration December 7th contact Val Coleman.