Marianist Community | Marianist Educational Associates


January 15, 2008, 7 to 8 P.M.
Marianist Hall

Members Present: Barb Belle, Curtis Washburn, Yukio Ozaki, Dave and Val Coleman, Kay Stone, Sharon LePage, Grissel Benitez Hodge, Patti Lee Robinson, Larry Osborne, Peggy Friedman, Venus Ituralde, Aulani Kaanoi, Mike Fassiotto, Bro. Frank Damm, and Bro. Jerry Bommer
Guests: Peter Steiger and Mike Haisen

Bro. Bernie Ploeger came in to talk about the concept of putting plaques on buildings describing the person for whom each building is named, and putting a plaque by Chaminade’s portrait in the Freitas lobby describing his life and providing handouts with this information. The MEAs liked these ideas, discussed possible locations for these plaques, and thought the handouts should be in pamphlet form.

An extensive discussion about the evolving understanding of ourselves as MEAs resulted in some basic conclusions.

  • We are committed to assist the Rector in fulfilling his mission of promoting the Catholic and Marianist spirit at CUH.
  • We are committed to provide support to each other within the MEA community.
  • We are committed to continue the growth of our understanding of the Marianist/Catholic charism thru prayer, discussions, readings, and presentations.
  • Working against an image as an elitist organization within the Chaminade ohana, we want to maintain a “low profile,” working within our sphere of influence at CUH to foster the Catholic/Marianist charism as we understand it and believe in it.
  • When the occasion presents itself, we will sponsor or support appropriate projects.

Regarding the organizational structure of the MEAs, the judgment is that the mission determines the structure and when the mission is clear, the organization may need only minimal structure. The consensus is to continue as we are with the Rector as the nominal head and with secretarial and organizational responsibilities assigned as they present themselves.