Marianist Community | Marianist Educational Associates


May 20, 2008, 6:50 to 7:45 P.M
Marianist Hall

Members Present: David Coleman, Val Coleman, Barbara Belle, Mike Fassiotto, Sharon LePage, Curtis Washburn, Yukio Ozaki, Grissel Benitez-Hodge, Mary Pat Sjostrom, Patricia Lee Robinson, Bro. Frank Damm, and Bro. Jerry Bommer

Suggestions from the cell discussion sessions of last month were presented.

  • Provide opportunities for reflection within the group.
  • Make the Marianist Characteristics alive by examples and stories.
  • Link the Marianist Characteristics to specific courses.
  • Reflect the importance of the way we deal with each other; by supporting each other and relating “with a heart.”
  • Continue adjunct orientation program. Possibly make it a four week course and attach it to the Rector’s website on the University website. Barb Belle, Mary Pat Sjostrom, Sharon LePage will work on this. They will take any help you are willing to offer. Could also be used as CUH 100 course for those attending night school.
  • Put the Marianist video in a web band streaming format that could be linked to our website.
  • Create a forum led by MEAs on quotes by the Founders.
  • Create a web page where MEAs could post things Marianist.
  • Put a statement in the Policy Manual defining MEAs.
  • Have a “Value of the Month” program.

Other ideas that were thought of at the meetings: set up a visual arts and photography program symbolizing the presences of Mary, or a creative writing program symbolizing the presences of Mary, or a speech contest on Marianist values. When Carol Ramy comes in the fall, utilize her talents for story telling by having her give a presentation on the Founders and the creation of the first house churches. Provide Kapono with news items that reflect the Marianist values “at work” at CUH.

Our next meeting is August 5, Tuesday at Marianist Hall, 5 P.M.