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Thursday August 14, 2008, 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Attendees: Br. Jerry Bommer, David Anderson, Dave Coleman, Larry Osborne, Pete Steiger, Curtis Washburn, Sharon LePage, Kay Stone, Venus Ituralde, Mike Fassiotto, Mary Pat Sjostrom, Br. Frank Damm, Grissel Benitez-Hodge, Barbara Belle
Guests: Fr. Tim, Br. Tom

Before the meeting actually started, Br. Jerry passed around the ciborium that Curtis and Eva donated to the MEAs to be used at our Masses.

Schedule of meetings for upcoming year. The first few dates were determined by the dates of our visitors to Chaminade:

    1. Thurs. September 11th – Fr. Fleming will discuss with us his Circular #7 and we’ll ask him to give us his ideas of how the Marianist Spirit functions today.
    2. Thurs. Oct. 30th – Br. Ray Fitz will be visiting campus and would like to talk to us. We decided on a topic, “How has he seen the challenges to presenting the Marianist Charism change over his tenure as president at UD and in his ministry today?”
    3. Wed. Nov. 19th
    4. Wed. Dec. 17th
    5. In 2009, we’ll try to stick to the Third Thursday of the month; so people can adjust their calendars when possible.

Orientation for adjunct faculty

    1. Mike mentioned that the meeting would be separate from the academic orientation but could be announced at that event. He hopes to get a bigger attendance than last year; maybe if the Dean’s get involved and invite their faculty. Dave Coleman suggested that it might be open to all adjuncts or all faculty, and not just new adjuncts.
    2. Possible date: Saturday October 18th

Mackey Lecture: “Marian Model of the Church” –brochure was given to all in attendance

    1. Sunday September 28th 4:00 in MRO
    2. Speakers will be Carol Ramey, Jack Ventura, an Isabella Moyer

MEA Commitment ceremony and Marianist Birthday Party.

    1. Planning Committee includes: Kay, Grissel, Sharon, Val and David Anderson
    2. Some will help Kay to plan the ceremony (may use prayers from previous years) and some will help prepare for reception afterwards. This involves dry ice!

Publishing Marianist characteristics that are already happening in our areas of responsibility.

    1. Mike’s idea was to write individual reflections about how the charism can be seen in our personal role on campus or our ordinary lives
    2. Work with Kapono or someone in Institutional Advancement office to take the weekly news and then put Marianist language or vocabulary in the headlines and in the body of the story to actually name or label the things we are already doing as being Marianist.
    3. Write additional stories about “Marianist-things” happening on campus to post in webportal or Rector’s webpage. This might include: masses, prayer or community service, speakers or other related events.
    4. We decided to form a sub-committee to DRAFT our ideas for presentation to the larger group. David Anderson asked that the minutes/notes from the “cells” that were formed in the spring be re-distribute to the group: Committee members:Bro. Tom, Mike, Sharon and Barb

Discuss Fr. Fleming’s Circular #7 – sorry I lost track of who made all comments; please let me know if I missed any:

    1. Pete commented: While we respect old ways, we need a new “fulcrum”; those old ways may not work anymore.
    2. David Anderson: We are given gifts. What are we going to do with these gifts? As MEAs, we should be visible, active and engaged.
    3. Mike talked about how hard it is to describe Marianist Charism to someone who has never been at such an institution. Larry agreed that some times people don’t believe the stories he tells them about family spirit.
    4. Fr. Chaminade believed in dialog and everyone being able to participate. He led by example.
    5. No one is a “lone ranger;” we respect and support all members of the community.
    6. We stay at the table until consensus is reached. We respect all perspectives much like a caring family.
    7. Our students feel an open invitation to belong.
    8. We trust in divine providence; make decisions and then hold firm

Suggested topics for Fr. Fleming: what are the real challenges? Can he be more specific? And what gives him resilience?

Jerry discussed the “loose leaf” binder that we were originally given with articles about Marianist values and core beliefs.

  1. He is making copies for the new folks: Pete, Mike Haisen, Aulani, and Curtis. Venus also asked for an extra copy; and others should let him know if they need copies.
  2. We should have at least two sections for Readings and Minutes. Sharon suggested that he could post these on the web page for the Office of the Rector.

Sharon mentioned that Yukio asked her to remind everyone of a Faculty/Student Art exhibit for the 125th Anniversary of Marianist in Hawaii; coming in Mid-October (including photos and/or art work from CUH/St. Louis/ Marianist). Grissel mentioned, September 27th would be Service Learning day for the CUH 100 classes. If the instructors could take some pictures (or possibly hire a photographer) there would be multiple events around the island throughout the day. Larry said that David Cooke was teaching digital photography; maybe he or his students could help out.

Pete and Mary Pat are going to organize a regular prayer time at Fr. Chaminade’s statue (possibly at noon time). More details will come; Pete thought it should be short and would not be a large obligation for any one person to lead. Responsibilities could possibly rotate for any of the MEAs who want to participate.