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September 11, 2008

Attendees: Br. Jerry Bommer, David Anderson, Dave Coleman, Larry Osborne, Curtis Washburn, Sharon LePage, Venus Ituralde, Mary Pat Sjostrom, Br. Frank Damm, Grissel Benitez-Hodge, Pattie-Lee Robinson, Val Coleman, Yukio Ozaki, Barb Belle
Guests: Fr. Tim Eden, Fr. David Fleming

Brother Jerry reviewed the upcoming events:

September 28- Mackey Lecture, MRO, 4 pm

October 1- MEA Commitment Ceremony.
Pete Steiger, Mary Pat Sjostrom, Mike Haisen will be the new Associates.  We’ll also celebrate the Marianist Birthday Party at MRO at Noon.  Planning committee: Kay, Grissel, Karen, Val, and David Anderson should meet soon to make arrangement for social.  Bro. Jerry said that he would provide ice cream.

October 18 - Orientation for adjunct faculty is being handled by Mike Fassiotto; Br. Jerry is convinced that Mike has things “under control”.

Our next meeting is October 30th.  Ray Fitz will speak on "How he has seen the challenges of presenting the Marianist charism change during his tenure as President of UD and in his present position?"

Publishing examples of the characteristics of Marianist education being played out at Chaminade.  Barb Belle passed around the sign up sheet for volunteers to tell their stories and match them with the Characteristics of Marianist Universities.  There were no volunteers at this meeting but everyone promised to think it over and get back to us.  The other details of the committee discussion will be attached to the email message with these minutes.

Three o’clock prayer time.  Pete Steiger and Mary Pat still working on selecting a consistent prayer but having problems finding something universal.  They plan to start very soon.

The photo display of the five characteristics of Marianist education will be in the Library from Nov. 3 – Dec.1st. Yukio and Val distributed flyers to help solicit entries by faculty, staff and students of St. Louis, and Chaminade.

Fr. Dave Fleming discussed his Circular No. 7 and talked about ways that we could build bridges from our rich faith to a new world in new time. His main points include: A spiritual challenge; a societal challenge; organizational challenge; and personal challenge. The actual PowerPoint slides are also attached with these minutes.

Br.Jerry announced that next week Friday 9/19 will be the Board of Regents meeting.  MEA will do presentations for about 15 minutes.  He asked for 2 volunteers who would give testimony; Grissel volunteered and the rest of us agreed that Mike would do a good job. He also asked for 4 other people who would be willing to answer questions.  Curtis and Dave C. agreed to help out; Jerry hopes to find two other people willing to help out.