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January 15, 2009 6:45 to 8 P.M. Marianist Hall

Members Present: David Coleman, Val Coleman, Mike Fassiotto, Sharon LePage, Barb Belle, Kay Stone, David Anderson, Venus Ituralde, Yukio Ozaki, Grissel Benitez-Hodge, Larry Osborne, Aulani Kaanoi, Curtis Washburn, Mike Haisen, Bro. Frank Damm, and Fr. Tim Eden

Val Coleman reported on our Christmas on Campus family. Donations totaled $512.67. $167.67 was used for gifts; the remainder was donated to Campus Ministry.

Barbara Belle reported on the Marianist Moments Project. Mike Fassiotto, Sharon LePage, and Bro. Tom Spring are on the committee assisting Barb on this project. Mike Fassiotto, Barbara Belle, and Peggy Friedman have each written about an experience that is a good example of a Marianist characteristic being lived out. These vignettes should be no longer than 500 words. When we have six, we will begin publishing them on the Rector’s web page as “Marianist Moments.”

Bro. Dennis Schmitz has asked for volunteers for the January 24 celebration of the Arrival of the Marianists in 1883. Bro. Jerry will send a volunteer list to the MEAs who are not members of a Marianist Faith Community. Faith Community members already have this list. If you are willing, sign up and send this information to Bro. Dennis or myself.

Barbara Poole-Street presented her proposal for the Sue Wesselkamper Institute of Women’s Leadership. She presented it as an idea inspired by Sue’s leadership abilities and the need for greater leadership among the young women she is teaching. Kay Stone supports this effort; it would dove-tail with her attempts to create a student leadership program. Bro. Jerry would provide an inexpensive access to the online courses in leadership available from the University of Dayton. It was agreed that the Institute should be for both men and women; and if such an institute would be created, it would have to be “first class,” especially if it would carry Sue’s name. A task force needs to be created to study the feasibility and nature of such an institute. Those interested in being a part of this task force can sign up with Barbara. Bro. Jerry will send her the MEA email addresses.

The program to provide the adjuncts with a better understanding of what it means to teach at a Marianist university will be on February 14 between 9 and 11 am in the Vi and Paul Loo Center. A continental breakfast will be provided. Full time faculty is also invited to this presentation. The invitations will go out between January 20 and 23. Barb Belle will keep track of the RSVPs.

Introduction: Mike Fasssiotto
What is a Marianist: Brother Jerry
The Characteristics of Marianist Ed: Dave Coleman
Education for Formation in Faith: Pete Steiger
Excellent Quality Education: David Anderson
Education in the Family Spirit: Sharon LePage
Education for Service, Justice, & Peace: Candice Sakuda
Education for Adaptation and Change: Barb Belle

Bro. Jerry will send out a request to every Associate for their nominations for new MEA members. Each member will nominate three either from the list provided or someone else not on the list who they feel would be viable member.

This year’s MUM will be in Hawaii, beginning in the late afternoon of June 1 and concluding at the noon meal on June 4. The meeting will be smaller than previous meetings, probably between 25 and 30. The AMU Board will be meeting via conference call on January 28 and again on the afternoon of January 31 at the ACCU annual meeting in Washington D.C. After these meetings we should have a good idea about the content of this MUM meeting. The formation program for new Associates will also be in Hawaii and will take place the week prior to MUM.