Marianist Community | Marianist Educational Associates


March 24, 2009 6:50 to 8:15 pm Eiben Hall, Room 207

Members Present: Venus Ituralde, Val Coleman, Mike Fassiotto, Dave Coleman, Kay Stone, Sharon LePage, Yukio Ozaki, Curt Washburn, Larry Osborne, Grissel Benitez-Hodge, Bro. Jerry Bommer

Mike Fassiotto led us in a review of the report for the June MUM. He will make the suggested changes to this report. The appendix which is a summary of the minutes of our meetings will be adjusted at the time its author, Barb Belle, returns from the main land.

Dave Coleman led the discussion on ways the AMU can support the MEAs on each campus.

  • To provide greater dialogue and facilitate closer coordination among the three MEA entities create an interactive website.
  • To facilitate the continuing formation of the MEAs, provide self-paced online courses and a bibliography of readings on current topics.
  • Periodically (possibly once every three years) bring all the MEAs together.
  • Provide a shared immersion experience with a strong emphasis on reflection.
  • Provide assessment tools to assist each MEA entity in the evaluation of its effectiveness.

Bro. Jerry led the discussion about the dreams and future directions of Chaminade’s Marianist Educational Association.

  • Be more intentional about our development.
  • Work at developing closer relationships with our fellow MEA’s of UD and St. Mary’s.
  • Possibly provide for the development of the MEAs to meet specific needs. e.g. councilors and/or mentors

Dean Grissel described a work shop on vocation awareness on a college level that four of the MEAs attended two weekends ago. It reinforced our need to be more intentional when guiding students at propitious times: e.g. the 100 Course; Retreats, especially, Awakening Retreats; Immersion Experiences, etc.

Bro. Jerry led a discussion on the organization of the coming Marianist Universities Meeting (June 1 to 4) and the workshop for new MEAs (May 26 to 30). Curtis will be in charge of the airport runs. Venus will handle housing. Kay will organize the prayer times. Sharon will create the online registration form. Karen Hazlett will handle registration. Grissel will create a committee to handle entertainment. Val will lead the hospitality contingent. All the MEAs will support these people in the fulfillment of their duties. Bros. Ray Fitz and Tom Giardino are responsible for the formal programs of MUM and the new MEAs’ workshop.